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Chronomètre Constellation Marine
Constellation Marine Chrono


Voici la montre portée par le Commandant Cousteau lors de certaines de ses missions sur la Calypso, regardez la photo! :) Omega avait crée une montre ultra précise avec un mouvement électrique capable d'être fiable robuste. Le look rappelle la haute mer, boîtier robuste design fou. Un véritable monument de l'horlogerie. At its debut this timepiece was meant to provide the exact time in order to set the position of your boat in the middle of the sea. In effect, before the '80s when the GPS didn't exist navigation had to be done with a traditional sextant. A false reading of the hour could provide a position that might be inaccurate by dozens of miles. That's why Omega issued this ultra-precise watch with an electric movement capable of being strong and above all ultra-precise. Its look even evokes the high seas, with a madly designed yet robust case. Truly a monument of horology.
8 600€
Marque Brand : OmegaOmega
Référence Reference : 1980082/39808321980082/3980832
Mouvement Movement : QuartzQuartz
Boitier Case material : AcierSteel
Bracelet Bracelet material : AcierSteel