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Santos Silver Roman Number Dial

The Beautiful Watch opinion

Here is a watch that you don’t see every day, at least from this period. October 19, 1901 Alberto Santos-Dumont decides to give us a short aerobatic tour around the Eiffel Tower with his machine “number 6”. Following this feat he discussed with Louis Cartier and told him of his problem in flight to read the time ... Indeed at that time the 2 hands could only be found on the controls ... The watch in Gousset was therefore not even possible. This is how the Cartier Santos was born, one of the most elegant watches there is with its Roman numerals, its railway and its visible screws on the bezel. The watch was marketed in 1911 with a Jaeger movement. The Santos that we present to you even if it is hard to believe dates from the 20s !! So she is in incredible condition for a 100 year old lady! And small, what do I say big more appreciable it is platinum! So how about wearing a piece of history on your wrist?


Ref : N.C.

Year : 1920's

Movement : Manual Winding

Diameter : 0 mm

Case material : Platinum / Yellow Gold

Bracelet : Leather

11 000 €